Q&A: Mike Puskas

Today I’m interviewing a musician about his band’s new album. And while I love music, that doesn’t mean this blog is turning into a music magazine… so why this interview? Well, Transference is releasing a new album, The Navigators, and it will be accompanied by a book, written by Transference’s coordinator and main songwriter, Mike Puskas, whoContinue reading “Q&A: Mike Puskas”

Choicest Cuts: Bleak House (Part Three)

Sorry about not posting last week – my internet was down because some diggers (treasure hunters?) with machinery decided it would be fun to hit a cable. I’m completely back now though, or at least until I get my new PC some time next week, which will mean another short period of absence from theContinue reading “Choicest Cuts: Bleak House (Part Three)”

Choicest Cuts: Bleak House (Part Two)

After the previous episode, it’s time to look at some more quotes from Bleak House and see how you can use them to inspire you in your own writing. Reminiscing Characters “A family home,” he ruminates as he marches along, “however small it is, makes a man like me look lonely. But it’s well IContinue reading “Choicest Cuts: Bleak House (Part Two)”

Choicest Cuts: Bleak House (Part One)

Welcome to the first edition of Choicest Cuts, a feature that’s all about the best bits from books I’ve read, with some writing advice sprinkled in. If you were expecting something about actual meat as opposed to literary victuals, I have to disappoint you, because I don’t eat meat. Also, don’t expect this to beContinue reading “Choicest Cuts: Bleak House (Part One)”

Have some clean reading

You may have already noticed the link to the Clean Indie Reads site, over there, somewhere to the right. In case you’re wondering, let me enlighten you: CIR is an excellent initiative by Lia London, who was (understandably) rather tired of having to sift through oodles and oodles of pages of books full of swearing,Continue reading “Have some clean reading”

The 4 types of indie writer

The internet can be a pretty depressing place. Looking at sites where people can talk to each other online (forums, LinkedIn communities, Facebook groups) in particular is a sure-fire way of devastating the trust you might have in humanity. Perhaps it’s best to avoid those places altogether, but they are able to give one some insight intoContinue reading “The 4 types of indie writer”