Have some clean reading

You may have already noticed the link to the Clean Indie Reads site, over there, somewhere to the right. In case you’re wondering, let me enlighten you: CIR is an excellent initiative by Lia London, who was (understandably) rather tired of having to sift through oodles and oodles of pages of books full of swearing, sex, and graphic violence. Now, maybe that’s your cup of tea, but it’s not everyone’s. I happen to love Earl Gray tea, but imagine that’s the only available flavour of tea… even I might get sick of it. So what Lia did, she made this CIR website, where you can find great books by indie authors that don’t involve things you’d need to hide from your kids. And if that’s not enough to highly recommend the site to you… Struglend Tales is currently featured on there, along with a little interview with yours truly.

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